Refunds Policy

If we find any ads that breach our terms and conditions, which includes our posting rules, we will remove them and send the poster an email explaining why they have been removed.

In general we do refund ads which are removed from our site, this normally takes 10 working days to re-credit your original payment details. Payments for refunds are issued through Cheques/Demand Draft or Netbanking.

However there is a certain number of cases in which we do not issue refunds.

The main ones are the following

  • If we believe that you are breaching the Truckaurbus Posting Rules
  • If you purchase a feature for your ad and your ad goes live with exposure of that feature and its benefits, even for a limited time
  • If you paid for an ad and the ad did go live, with exposure on our site
  • If your ad breaches a policy, but only requires a re-write your ad will be placed into edit mode and you will need to update it. Your ad is still considered to be active so no refund will be issued.
  • If you remove any paid ad yourself
  • If you post any paid duplicate ads as defined in our rules regarding duplicate ads, we will not issue a refund
  • If you ad is in a significantly wrong category we will not refund your ad as we believe you are deliberately breaching our posting rules
  • If you have previously been warned about breaking our posting rules

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive. We reserve the right to remove ads without refund if we feel that our rules or terms & conditions are breached, whether directly or indirectly.

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