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Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz, the German car manufacturer came to India as a luxury car brand. After ruling the Indian luxury car segment for more than a decade, the Company planned to launch its Commercial Vehicle products in India. This became true in 2009, when Mercedes-Benz first introduced its heavy duty tipper truck in the market. Following that success, Mercedes-Benz introduced a series of luxury intercity buses in 2011. With the establishment of DICV (Daimler India Commercial Vehicles) having become complete the obvious synergies in the area of Commercial Vehicles resulted in the transfer of Daimler Buses, India to DICV. The integration of Daimler Buses, India into DICV took place on 1 April 2013. The product line-up includes vehicles of 16 to 31 Tonnes GVW range.
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Mercedes Benz Sprinter Transfer
4-tyre vehicle
Mercedes Benz C125R LE (37)
₹ 92,60,000
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