Review : BharatBenz 2523 R


The 2523 R is Bharat Benz’s latest offering in the 25 Ton segment. This segment is arguably the most competitive with all major manufacturers eyeing to appropriate market share.  As such, the 2523 R will surely be BharatBenz’s litmus test in India. Here is our take on it.

Design & Structure

BharatBenz 2523 R InteriorLet’s begin with the aesthetics of this truck. We liked the exterior especially the stylish slotted front grill. The light cluster looks gives it a minimal feel while the stout front fenders, with clear bumper-embedded headlamps and bold indicators gives it an international feel. The 2523 R has strong C-channel rail section chassis frame, with critical radius bend to avoid any stress concentration. The 2523 R gives you the confidence of plying on any terrain or haulage across India.

The 2523 comes in varied wheelbase, thereby offering adaptability to any load body type which in turn translates to more profit for the owner in comparison to others in the segment. The cabin is modern and ergonomically designed with standard comfort features. Our only complain was the lack of head room space in the cabin that made moving around difficult. The view on the co-driver’s side feels slightly obstructed due to the inherent structure of the door which perceptively makes the driver a bit uncomfortable while making a turn. Apart from this, the 2523 R has rigid axles, supported by the uncommon parabolic suspension system. The parabolic suspension is the modern form of the traditional semi elliptical leaf springs. Parabolic suspensions offers better ride quality with reduced inter-leaf friction and better axle articulation. The 2523 definitely offers an edge over its rivals in this context.

Bharat Benz 2523 R Engine Under the hood

The 2523 R is packed with a 6 cylinder 6.4 litre engine, which is one of the most powerful engines in the segment, providing 228 HP power with effective Torque of 810 Nm. The Transmission is manual, with a good Clutch system with air boosters that reduce the effort required to apply clutch by the driver. The gearbox comes with a 6-speed which is a trend in the haulage segment in India.  Though the 16 drivers we surveyed wished for a 6+ speed gearbox for greater drive control. The Brake system is very responsive as expected with general air brakes powered with ABS.


The 2523 has no dearth of power and offers the highest (well, 2nd highest to be precise, Ashok Leyland 2323 offers 230bhp) HP and torque. The 2523 R comes with factory fitted Radial tyres, which is almost customary these days, and provides stability on road at high speeds. The Fuel efficiency is good as compared to others in the segment. As stated earlier the parabolic suspension puts the 2523 R a notch above the rest.

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