Govt. to introduce new toll system on Highways

A stage carrier bus

A stage carrier bus

Government of India is planning to launch new Toll collection system named Electronic Toll Collection (ETC). This system will remove toll plazas which are inefficient in collecting toll.
According to research study by IIM-Calcutta and Transport Corporation of India, Govt. will be saving Rs 88,000 crore by introduction of this electronic toll collection system on the national highways at PAN-India level.

The road ministry is trying to implement the electronic toll collection (ETC) across all highways in the country by the end of this financial year. However, the success of the first such initiative launched last year on the Delhi-Mumbai stretch is still in question. “Not all concessionaires are cooperating with us to get the electronic toll going. The fleet owners with overloaded vehicles are also not keen on this system since it brings about transparency,” a senior government official said.

The government had so far scrapped 61 toll plazas which become had unviable or recovered the cost completely. Toll collection is faced with problems of overcharging and undercharging. Complaints of non-reporting and under reporting of the toll fee by collection agents are also unchecked.

The Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system will be providing services including toll transaction clearing house operations, helpdesk support and setting up of call centres for Incident Management, Intelligent Transport Systems, etc.

Govt. is planning to waive off tolls for private vehicles and buses from paying toll on highways in their districts if the road transport ministry accepts a proposal currently under consideration that promises to bring significant relief to commuters and ease congestion on highways.