Volvo unveiled new Hybrid Electric bus


Volvo buses unveiled its next generation hybrid electric bus – the Volvo 7900. The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid is expected to launch at the International IAA Commercial Vehicles show in September 2014.

Volvo Hybrid bus

Volvo Hybrid bus

The new Volvo 7900 bus features plug in technology which reduces fuel consumption by 75% and energy consumption up to 65%. It also has Volvo Driver Support System with Adaptive Cruise Control which uses radar that measures the distance to the vehicle in front and adopt the speed accordingly to avoid collision. Another important safety feature is the Lane Keeping Support System in the Volvo notifies the driver if the vehicle crosses a lane marking. For the coach range, Volvo introduced the Auto Brake System along with the emergency break technology and forward collision warning system to ensure safer driving. The bus is highly efficient as it can travel nearly 70% of the route as electric bus.

Volvo is planning to commence the production of this bus from 2016, but cities like Luxembourg, Hamburg, and Stockholm has already signed up for supplies in 2014 and 2015.