DuPont plans to make trucks more efficient


E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, commonly referred to as DuPont, is an American chemical company, plans to make trucks more fuel efficient. DuPont released a survey about two weeks ago showing, among other things, that automobile and parts manufacturers want to see more innovations to help them meet stricter fuel efficiency standards

A Scania Euro 5 engine

A Scania Euro 5 engine

DuPont is currently working hard to create more fuel-efficient vehicles, by reducing the weight of the oil pan. Oil pans, like engine covers, are large, heavy components, and this makes them good targets for light-weighting. For this, DuPont researchers are working to expose polymers like nylon and polyesters to higher temperatures to see how they soften and melt, in their experimental plant in Wilmington, Delaware (US).

Among DuPont’s clientele worldwide, Scania – the Swedish truck maker, has used DuPont technologies in one of its engine to reduce noise and weight of an engine, and thus burn less gasoline. Scania is using DuPont’s Zytel brand nylon resin to mold an engine’s oil sump, which is the lower shell of an oil pan module. DuPont and Scania are working together to create lighter vehicles to meet federal auto emissions regulations in United States (US) and Europe.