Force Traveller School Bus 3700 (17/BS3), ₹ 818,000

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Reference Number: TAB-793-32636529
Title: Force Traveller School Bus 3700 (17/BS3)
Condition: New
Body Style: Buses
Description: A fully built minibus, used by schools.
Engine & Transmission  
Engine: TD 2650 FTI-ED, DI Turbocharged Intercooled
Emission Norms: BS-III
Engine Cylinders: 4
Displacement (cc): 2596
Max Power: 80 bhp @ 3200 rpm
Max Torque: 215 Nm @ 1800-2000 rpm
Transmission: Manual
Clutch: Single plate dry friction type
Gearbox: 5-speed
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Tank: 70 Litres
Turning Radius: 6500 mm
Max Speed (km/h): 90
Structure & Dimensions  
Chassis Type: Monocoque
Engine Location: Front
Floor Type: Standard
Axle Configuration: 4-tyre vehicle
Tyres: Front: 215/75 R 15
Rear: 215/75 R 15
Wheelbase (mm): 3700
Overall Length (mm): 6065
Front Overhang: 900 mm
Rear Overhang: 1485 mm
Ground Clearance (mm): 210
GVW / GCW (Kgs): 3810
Kerb Weight: 2270
Safety & Comfort  
Brakes: Hydraulic Brakes
Front Axle & Suspension: Forged "I" beam reverse Elliot type axle,
Semi elliptical leaf spring suspension
Rear Axle & Suspension: Live axle, Semi elliptical leaf spring suspension
Parking brakes
Power Steering
Fog Lights
Tubeless Tyres
Seat belts
Hill Hold
No.of Seats: 18
Seat Type: Standard
Additional information  
Body Options: Fully Built
Additional information: Seating Capacity - 17 persons + 1 driver
Seating Layout - 2x1 standard seats

Door type - Out-swing
Roof type - High Roof
Pros & Cons  
Pros: Power, Torque, Safety
Cons: Comfort
Registration Date: Jul 22, 2013
Personal Address:
On Google+ Truckaurbus TAB India
TAB Department: Administration
Last Name: India
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Additional Email: [email protected]
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