Australia to get Scania’s first Driver-less trucks

Scania Tipper truck

Scania Tipper truck

Scania, the Swedish truck maker 70 per cent owned by Volkswagen, says that it is now well-advanced on creating driver-less trucks that can negotiate set roads and load/unload remotely. The trucks are designed in a way to operate easily in mines & maneuver through tough turns n obstacles. This mining truck is the first of its kind, with developers at Scania and researchers from technical colleges in Sweden examining the role driverless trucks could play in tomorrow’s transport system.

The mining industry has relied upon large and expensive construction-style vehicles for its heavy transport requirements. But interest is increasing around the world in smaller scale and more flexible solutions involving specialised mining trucks. Self-driving solutions for construction-style vehicles have been around for some years now. The 20-member team within Scania’s research and development department is researching self-driving vehicles and the peripheral systems needed to make them a part of tomorrow’s transport system in various areas.

Among future plans of Scania, the next step could be self-driving container trucks in ports. And after that the technology will also come to the long haul transport sector, with self-driving vehicles driving between large transport centres where their cargoes are then loaded into last mile delivery trucks.